Thursday, June 19, 2008

Third day running I've worked on the Venice Laundry 2. So minutely detailed and I drill down until the world is the size of the end of my brush. I'm always surprised when I look up at 5pm and see there's more canvas covered.
Planning a trip to Vienna next fall and the thought of a week devoted to all the lustrous, detailed northern Renaissance paintings is incredibly enticing. Not to mention everything you eat apparently comes 'mitt schlag' (whipped cream). I'll be back in Venice for a few weeks as well. I guess this will be the V-towns Tour.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Working on another view of the Isle of Palms. This one has more of the sense of enormity that I was trying for. I think the silhouette of part of a beach house in the lower right is what gave it the sense of proportion.

The rest of the day I worked on the second Venice Laundry. It's so much specificity and and I still don't have paint on all of the canvas - but I'd say two more days an I'll be able to start layering in the subtleties and detail.

Went back to the first one (Priest's laundry) and worked on a door that wasn't quite right. I'm going to add a touch of detail to the doorknob and then I'll finally be able to let go of it.
I toned a canvas and gridded it with white conte and will start the drawing this week. I like have three balls in the air.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Four new paintings in the gallery

The painting are up in the gallery and I've sent out my own email notice. I've already had some kind responses and many of them cite the dawn painting as the one they want to see the most. The gallery has it, but did not hang it as they are concerned about how different it looks from my small, precise, detailed works. My instinct says it will find the right buyer, and be loved and appreciated.
We'll see how it works out.
Here's the email, with brevity as its chief virtue:
Four new works by Virginia Parker
Now showing at Twinhouse Gallery, 2815 Peachtree Road, 404-233-3433,
Two more in the Table for One series and two cloud-inspired works