Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Auditioning tomatoes at Whole Foods.


Corporal Works of Mercy series is done, dry, wired, varnished and delivered to the gallery. Friday is the opening and everyone is welcome. It's Mason Murer's holiday party, with more than a dozen painters' new works, food, drink, music, and rumors of interpretive dancers. If you come, be sure and say hey. I'll be the one looking happy. I love getting work in on time and making my deadline.

Mason Murer Fine Art

This is what I worked on today, tomatoes from a roadside stand and a plate and knife from Hambidge.  It was so relaxing. I love painting tomatoes and interesting knives with a history.
A friend brought me a butter knife he loves, with an amber handle. I took it for a palette knife at first. I'm off to audition tomatoes at Whole Foods.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Nearly done!

Ransom the Captive nearly finished.
My favorite bits are the lock and the reflection in the dog's eye.
Well, there's a bit to do on the Blenheim's ears. I had to steal the reference off of another dog's head as it was just a brown blur in the original photo.