Monday, July 30, 2012

Air, Implied

Started Air yesterday. Painted mostly negative shapes and the leather table top.

Although I took many photos of the kiln firing, none of them are beseeching me to paint them. I am thinking I should wait until October, when the days are shorter and they might run the kiln at dusk. Also thinking of tracking down a wood-fired pizza oven. Or a crematory.

Meanwhile, more progress on LightGrid. Added sky behind the tree canopy, more texture in the pasture and on the dirt road.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Worked on the Washtub again.  Best part, there's not much thinking. Mixing color, loading the brush, placing the paint - it seems to bypass my cerebral cortex. Instinct hooks into intuition and muscles respond. It feels great.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dirt roads, light grids, raku firing

Today I blocked in leaves on the upper left, and did another layer of paint on the sky and the shadows. Placed most of the fence posts, added texture to the dirt road. In such a good mood, I was dancing around the easel (to the soundtrack of Guys & Dolls, if you must know) and painting away. I have been schooled by my son, the rigging grip, that the equipment in front of the tree is a Light Grid.


Tomorrow there's a Raku pottery firing at the art center at 3pm. I'm nipping over to see what I can get on my iPhone camera app. Hoping for a intense red glow. The kiln is made of dry stack brick, so there plenty of texture.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Light Grid / White SIlk

Starting a new painting for the Location series. It's a light grid, stretched on a frame and attached to c-stands, used to keep the light even on the actors' faces. Here it's tied to the tree in the crew parking lot until needed. It's from a photo taken on The Walking Dead show last year, on location in Senoia, Ga.

Having bought, toned and gridded the canvas, and done the under-drawing yesterday, I spent an hour this morning mixing color and then jumped in. I blocked in the sky, the pasture and the grid cloth, and began the country road. Worked until lunch on the line of trees in the far background and the dappled shadows cast by the tree.

After lunch until 3pm I kept going on the patterns of light and shadow cast by the tree and the dirt road. 
Haven't blocked in the tree canopy or placed the fence posts which run between the road and the pasture, but feel a lovely sense of momentum. The darks in the deepest part of the shadows wll need multiple layers, as will the sky, but the pasture and trees look very close even on this first pass. Feels so good, like flying.
Why did this particular image grab me by the collar and holler 'paint me'?  It has to do with the visual anomaly of this isolated bit of movie equipment in a rural scene.  The shadow of the tree trunk reminds me of Indonesian shadow puppets. The peaceful, pastoral stillness of the background contrasts with the twisty reach of the shadows spreading out toward the viewer. It fits its zombie series origin.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wet, Barn, and Bluescreen

Moving along on Wet. Added center water/sky and most of the submerged leaves. Blended edges and set it aside to dry.

Started the barn set.

Did a ton of work on Bluescreen - the forest, leaves, weeds and the glare around the umbrella- but doubt it will show in a photo. The deepest darks have dulled out but will reappear after varnishing.
A few more leaves to break up the forest floor, and a little more glow around the umbrella and I'm done. Added some of the distinct leaves that fall in front of the screen. They went shockingly fast and easy. I'll add their shadows tomorrow.Right this minute I am pretty happy with it, but that could change.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Had a great morning adding leaves and the edges of the water. Ah, saturated color, how I've missed you. It reminds me of painting the glasses on any of the Table for One series. Just shapes - form and volume. A friend said perhaps I am an abstract painter at heart. Snort.

Working title: Wet

Sunday, July 8, 2012

planning ahead

All the figures are finally placed in Boomlift, I'll be doing fine squiggly marks for the tree limbs for the next week, and more lines and ropes on the Boomlift mechanism itself.
I drew the washtub full of water and leaves yesterday. Today I painted the elliptical edges of the tub, and the branches of the tree the water reflects - then when I paint the water/sky colors over it and the chalk grid vanishes, I'll still have an accurate guide.
Mixed the colors for water, which means sky and autumn leaves. Felt like I was on holiday. Big brushes, free brush strokes.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Go figure

Another round on the crew of Boomlift. Painted over two figures that didn't work and blocked in three more. Did some refinement of existing figures. Three to go, then it's back to the tree limbs against the sky.



Here's the big picture for scale.