Saturday, March 29, 2008

Here's a peek at the Venice Laundry series. Possibly a dip or triptych. When there was a sunny day, all the laundry came flying out the windows, strung in swags, like bunting over the canals. When I saw this I realized it was the laundry of a priest. And no, I haven't painted the clothesline in yet. That will be the last thing I do. There is plenty yet to work on, like the iron grillwork over the green door and the bricks next to the window. But I love the mix of textures and the neutral palette. And I'd hope the clergy will wash their laundry and hang it out to dry. The church's dirty laundry has been in the public eye enough.

In the sometimes shells, sometimes peanuts way that life has, two people came by my house for a studio visit and left saying they were heading straight to my gallery to commission a painting. They liked another one of the Venice laundry series (one that I haven't started yet, with laundry strung at different levels, all the way down the canal). It looks like prayer flags to me.
They were delightfully enthusiastic about my work and, especially heartening to me, loved the dawn sky painting.

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