Monday, December 8, 2008

Delft, updated

Finished the Delft, Updated group. I'm the one holding the doll. Daughter Emily. a creative geyser, is drawing with sidewalk chalk, son Parker is on the swing, and daughter Robin is blowing bubbles. It's been interesting to explore something outside my usual interests - like line paintings in classic Delft blue.
Also I started putting together a new a postcard with some of my latest works, this blog address and my gallery contact information.


  1. Those are so cool. Somehow, I can't imagine the set broken up, though. They seem like they belong together. What did you use to paint on them? The tiles seem smooth & I'm wondering how the paint 'sticks' to them.

  2. I love your comment, Monkling. These are 8 inch square canvases that are entirely painted in oils to look like old tile. It's a little bit trompe l'oeil ('fool the eye'). I am very pleased that you thought they were actually tile.


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