Monday, March 9, 2009

Finishing up, beginning again

Thanks all. I think I am ready to varnish the Palais Liechtenstein Library and the Jordaan Market. I actually was heading downstairs to varnish the Library yesterday, but couldn't resist tweaking the highlights.
I did the bike spokes and the leaves and all manner of dappling on the rug of the Jordaan.

If I don't see anything that needs doing, I'll be hauling these to the basement (Robert's shop) to varnish them at the end of the week.

I also gessoed two canvases a mid-value ochre/umber and worked out the maths for the grids that I'll use to draw images on the canvas. I thought I'd dip my toe into the new Metamorphosis series by starting with one of the small ones; a 1930 Royal typewriter and ribbon.

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  1. Gorgeous. They're both great. The table and bike one is very, very rich. Funny I was just
    thinking about gridding yesterday. I don't do it.
    Maybe sometime you can explain how you do it.



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