Thursday, April 23, 2009

Swept away by the process. Again.

I had all kinds of errands and gardening planned for the morning, or at least on a list, but the studio won. I am still dressed in my running clothes (that I never ran in). How did it happen? Well, here's where I started; around 8 am I was just going to clean up my palette and paint a couple of the magazines - the darkest and lightest.
That led to -
reworking all the wood of the chest - top and front
added highlights to the lock and handles
all of the twine and added some bristles
top plastic of the bags on the center newspapers
the stack of newspapers - darks and light
a couple of the magazines - the darkest and lightest
a few diagonals on the letters the magazine name
the lightest streaks on the crystal ball
the yellow haze on the curtain behind and to the left of the crystal
every feather from the neck down
widened the neck and left wing

Here's a detail:
The next thing I knew, it was 4pm. Now I am drinking a pot of tea and thinking about doing a little bit on Didus Ineptus.

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