Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blood & Knavery, Cold

Worked hard on Blood & Knavery Cold. I love the limited palette, the cool, measured feel. It has an almost abstract quality to me.
Did itsy bitsy detail; the notes on the music, the reflection of the title in the silver tray, another layer on the pebbled texture of the books. Here and there, some lighter lights and darker darks. It's very close to done.
Here's the over all progress. The canvas is 16x20, so it's quite compact.


A couple of close ups-


I gave myself the thrill of chalking the grid on Read Red and making the first couple of graphite marks. I'll work on the drawing tomorrow, while this dries. I might gesso another couple of canvases, get them prepped to go. Having two shows to prepare for is very energizing.

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