Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tomatoes x 5

Here are the new tomatoes. One is still wet with varnish. Two are still drying enough to varnish - probably a week from now. All of them need wiring. I am so impatient to show them off - I'm like a kid who wants to wear new shoes home from the store.

There are all 10x10", oil on canvas, and $425 at HHFA. The Tomato & Chrysanthemum Knife is spoken for. I am still working on my photography - I see glare from the varnish on parts of some of the photos that's not visible in person.

Tomato & Chrysanthemum Knife

Tomato & Civil War Knife

Tomato & Japanese Knife

Tomato & Pocketknife

Tomato & Camping Knife

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