Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Triangles, compass curves, and basketry

Today I worked on the basket - every single shadow and highlight of each woven strand. Spent quite a bit of time on the wrap around the handle. I crisped up the compass some and worked on making the elliptical curves correct. Finally I added the triangle, hung by a burgundy ribbon above and behind the clock. I've only laid in the shape and color - it will have reflections the way a water glass does, brassy along the bottom edge and pink and blue along the metal.


This made a tremendous difference to my pleasure in this painting. It's begun to breathe for me.
The original idea was a basket of produce at the end of a row in an autumn field. Once I ditched that for the burlap drape and still life approach, I've had to feel my way along.
I am probably going to add another purple kholrabi behind the compass. It's in the original photo.
There's a whole lot of work to do on the leaves, but that's for another day.
Note to self - there is something about objects falling, things in motion that I love. Look for those opportunities in future compositions.

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