Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Highlights, reflections and silver bells

Kept going on Comfort the Sick this morning. Listening to a Ian Rankin mystery the whole time. Book on CD from the Library - playing through the computer. Turns out to be a good combination with painting. For me this work stands on the devotion of the black dog expressed by his posture, and the tilt of the puppy's head.

Did highlights on the coat, a lot of paw detail.
Worked over the entire puppy, from ears to tail.  Still needs another layer or two. This pup is as speckled as a trucker's mudflap.
Added the pink collar with the tag and two jingle bells.
Added stronger shadow/reflections beneath dogs and wheelchair.

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  1. Beautiful dogs you have there. Sadly, I can't keep a dog in my apartment.


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