Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tornado Aftermath

Here's the start of Tornado Aftermath.
Yesterday I painted in the main tree trunks and broken limbs, and parts of the garage, brick lattice and the house wall. The tree crashed into the roof over our bedroom during a tornado. It's a good visual metaphor for the tornado that was Emily as a teenager, roaring through the home.
Today I worked on the shapes indicating sky, branches, and pine needles. Below; adding fallen limbs, greens that will become the pine needles, the walkway to the house and the coiled water hose that hangs on the side of the house. Worked on the raw ends of wood here and there and the dark in between the brick lattice.Yet to come are the figures of Emily and I on the right - she's standing next to me and holding an apple, looking at the camera with this pleased little smirk.
Emily dropped by, and said that, as usual, this is her favorite stage of my work. She loves it semi-painted, with part of the grid and drawing visible.

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