Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Genus Loci underway

Here's the source photo and the top of the drawing I worked on this week. It's a basilica in Trasteverre in Rome. That's mosaics on the walls behind the columns and candles. Intricate as all get out and my idea of bliss.

And this is the beginning of the first candle painting (working title: candle 1). The burnt sienna I used to tone the canvas about blinded me. I'm using burnt umber to tone the rest.
Once I decide whether I'm adding a banjo, keyboard, or pair of high heeled shoes, it will get a more specific title.

I toned three more canvases, placed the white background on a new tomato painting and worked on the candles above. hotographed bells, a keyboard, banjo and a harmonium in various positions and angles out in the garage, using a white wall and open door to stand in for the stone church steps. I started another tomato painting with heirloom tomatoes by filling in the white marble background. I sanded down a failed painting on a nice 30x40 canvas. I'm going to re-gesso it and use it for one of this candle series.

I've got four paintings in the drying box. :biggrin: All's right with the world.

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