Friday, January 13, 2012

Tomato Trio

Started at 8 and worked until 3. First, the Carpenter Knife - I glazed the reds, added texture to the surface and interior, upped the scale of the leaves and seeds and added another layer to the background.
Next the Edinburgh Dirk - layers of variations on red, reworked the handle, added blue and pink highlights to the blade, grain in browns and greens to the table, underscored the shadows.
Finally, another round on the Global Knife - all of the background, additional texture and detail inside the tomatoes, the beginning of the pattern on the handle.

Thinking the first two may be done. but I often think that at the end of a painting day. I'll see what I think in the morning when I look at them with fresh eyes.
For now it's a cup of tea, and my Nook by the fire. It's cold today in Atlanta. Brrr.

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