Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back to the studio

Painted today for the first time since I left town May 12th. A little wobbly at the start, then steady, plugged into the process.

Worked on Boomlift

Darkened the shadows and added light shapes, blocked in the front curbside equipment - two carts, a blue rubbish bin, a cart with apple boxes, cardboard and plastic bins, added pops to the red maple tree here and there, made the lawns warmer.

So much canvas to cover that it feels like carrying spoonfuls of water to an almost empty pool, but I have faith. This is the part that is most like going to work- put in the time and believe that someday, somehow, it will be enough. Not as much as you want, not as good as you can imagine, but enough.

I've actually had two painting dreams this week. One where I was painting a canvas of amphitheater steps using a palette knife and juicy, thick paint, and one of adding purple shadows beneath yellow ginkgo leaves. 

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