Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pre-Painting Prep

Before the paint comes the prep. -
First there is the task of toning the canvas. I do this outside in the carport, because acrylic can spatter when I'm pushing it fast onto a 30x40" canvas with a six inch brush. I use a mix of Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna, applied quickly, then wiped down to a thin, even coat that leaves the canvas texture intact.

My mini-photography studio is set up in the dining room (note chandelier in upper left). I wanted to try a combination of natural and artificial light. Being married to Robert, I can borrow all the scrims and filters and flags to bounce and balance it all that I want. It's good to be married to the grip

Breaking the set down today, but packing all the pieces and parts in a box so I can pull individual props out to paint from as needed.

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