Friday, February 15, 2008

Dawn sky

I've continued wrestling with the mackerel sky, I haven't given up, but I am in the weeds with it. I am missing something it needs. I've set it aside and returned to the first cloud painting, of a dawn. And To my surprise is was pure pleasure. So it isn't clouds per se, it's those particular mackeral clouds. With dawn, I had an entire day of painting bliss. Dawn isn't done - needs more layering, scumbling mostly, and more of the the atmosphere and the cloud vapor melting one into the other.

Meanwhile I've been juiced up with ideas and have been putting together references and canvases for a diptych of laundry hung on clothesline over canals, three more cloud paintings (storm at evening, morning over the sea and a dusk that glows with threads of light on the edges of the clouds), and the first of a four seasons still life in my garden.

Deciding on the size and type of canvas is something I grope towards. I know it when I see it, is my best method.

And there are two more in the Table for One series (at the Met in NYC and Table 1280 at the High - both museums) and two of coffee cups, gloves and postcards.

More than enough to keep me busy for a year. Better get started.

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