Sunday, February 17, 2008

Not all work is visible to the eye

No new paintings to show, but lots of prep going on. I've been enlarging photo references so I can see detail, gridded two canvases and did a series of photos of tomatoes to include in my Table for One series. I want to get at least three paintings up and going to I can switch from one to another when they are wet or I am stumped about something and need time to think about them.

I gridded two canvases and completed a drawing of something that I hope is the first in a four part series. I'll draw the other - one of a possible trypdich - tomorrow. Though neither of these are food related images they will have the detailed realism, emotional atmosphere and autobiographical elements of my other work.

Feeling very optimistic about the clouds, though I'm aware they don't fit into the look or subject matter of my other works. That's the beauty part of being an artist - you don't have to be rational about everything you do. You can go where your heart pulls you.

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