Saturday, January 31, 2009

Before enlightenment, carrying wood and drawing water. After enlightenment, carrying wood and drawing water.

Or 'before the opening, going to the studio and painting; after the opening, going to the studio and painting.'
The Huff Harrington Fine Art opening was exciting. A nice crowd turned out, tons of chatter and hellos and waving going on. My ears were literally ringing when we left. I am not a big party goer, so my memories are a mash up of freeze frame glimpses, like a kaleidescope in a blender.

To reward myself for valor, I started Oilily Meets Vermeer at the Jordaan Market. The thing that caught me was how elements of northern renaissance - a musical instrument, an oriental rug on a table, a bolt of velvet cloth, copper pans, a brass footstool with an embroidered top - are in present in this modern context. They are in celebrated paintings all over Amsterdam, but here on market day they are castoffs. Possibly they're waiting to be rediscovered and restored, or maybe they are headed to the scrap heap. Oilily in the title because their very distinctive look came out of the Netherlands. Mostly it's color but also pattern. Orange, pink, and aqua, floral and stripes mixed. It's bright and busy, but somehow harmonious.The image I am painting strikes me as the same - cluttered but harmonious. Orange and aqua are in the rug, and the bolt of velvet is vivid orchid pink.

I'm almost done with the Library - it needs to sit quiet for a week and dry while I see where I can improve it. Meanwhile I'll be bouncing between the Kunst and this.

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