Monday, February 16, 2009

more Jordaan

I worked on the very worn embroidered top of the warming pan. First a couple of layers of carefully mottled paint, then dragged my palette knife edge across it for the grid pattern, then painted over that so the faint scratches nearly disappeared.
Next took on the brass sides, which mostly reflect the violin and rug, so it's like painting an abstract, while keeping an eye on the elliptical shape. Then I sharpened up the scratch and dent viola/violin, working all over its surface, plus the bottom edge and the sides that dimly reflect the rug too. I began to suggest the rug's fringe that lies alongside the orchid pink velvet.
Finally took on the tarnished copper item that I think is a kind of scuttle. Might be a odd pitcher. One side of the lid is attached the other partly open. I think both sides hinge in the center. Wonderful complex colors there. I covered more ground than usual and saw the difference, which is a great feeling.

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