Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Good painting day today. Blocked in four of the tarot cards. The first layer of paint is a kind of couch to lay color onto in the next round. They are more cartoon-y than I realized - the images are mostly outlined - there will be a lot of going back and mimicking the drawing effect.
I do love have little paintings in my paintings. Don't know why, just love to do them and to see them. These Tarot cards add a pop of color and of complexity, and they are flat in a 3-D setting. The top card is the Wheel of Fortune, upside down. The Fool is in the center - it wasn't in the original photo, but I added it in. It's so appropriate for publishing - the well-dressed fellow on a precipice, unawares. The Star is on the bottom center and The World is to the left. The falling card is The Sun. I was thinking of the Baltimore Sun at the time.
Here's the end of the day pic.

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