Sunday, June 14, 2009

progress on B&K Hot and Cold

Worked on B&K Cold yesterday - mostly went over the background adding another layer of color and beginning to add texture and details.

Today, after a morning of ferocious weeding, I worked on B&K Hot building up the colors on the dresser and the candlestick, some more of the bottom book pages and added to the darks here and there. I am going to add a burnt kitchen match below the candlestick.

Saving the detail work on the metal plates for dessert.
We started setting up my little portable studio on wheels in the dining room. I have a new still life set up I want to photograph. And I have an idea about adding a background to the objects that goes a little bit in the direction of magical realism. instead of the wall, maybe a cloud scape, but ghostly, like a double exposure. I am just thinking about it.


  1. If I like cold, does that make me cold?

  2. I think it makes you cool. In the jazz, hip, sophisticated way.


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