Tuesday, June 2, 2009

taking care of art business

Last Friday I painted like a woman possessed. I took photographs that failed from weird light glares, until I hung the painting upside down. So wet I risked a smear or smudge every time I came near it. Photoshopped the jpgs to each shows' specifications, filled out the forms, wrote the entry fee checks, burned the CDs, included the SASEs and there they were, two tidy bubblewrap mailers addressed to two more juried shows. I was fretting over what to send where, and whether the tarot was done enough to submit. It's a big relief to just make the decision and be done.
Sunday was the last day of the Decatur show and I picked up that painting at the show closing soiree. It's always interesting to meet the other artists and see the wide range of age, sensibility and temperament represented.
Yesterday I mailed the two show applications, picked up two paintings from Huff Harrington and drove to Gainesville, about an hour away, to deliver them to the Quinlan Art Center. A very fine building - those Quinlan folks must have bequeathed the city a busload of money to build it. Art was well lit and thoughtfully hung in large, spacious rooms. As I was leaving, they gave me a packet of invitations to mail or give away. Heavy card, glossy high end stock, and behold, my painting (Vermeer, Recyled) was one of five on the front.

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