Sunday, January 3, 2010

Spin and juried shows

Worked on the spokes and the base, which is actually the middle leaf of our dinning room table and a particularly nice mahogany. Added more more layers to the legs.
Dying to paint a bit of yellow. Used that as the motivation to finish last few spokes, then blocked in the yarn and a few of the highlit areas on the corn husk leaves. Cleaning my brushes, then lying down on the sofa by the fire to read. I'm really lucky to have a fireplace in my studio.
Applied to two juried shows yesterday. There are half a dozen more I'm considering. I'd like to enter something from this new series. Nothing like a deadline to help me focus and put in the hours

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  1. You made me google corn silk yarn to see if it actually exists. har. Of course, the manufacturing process involves liquifying and artificially creating fibers... Still, the fantastical element of raw corn silk to thread only makes the realism of this image more compelling.


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