Friday, August 20, 2010

Black dog

Blocked in the base fur color and placed the highlights. Left the edges vague so I can go back in with precision after another layer on the skin. Once I get the chair placed, I'll go back for round two.

Got Bury the Dead properly drawn to my satisfaction, then did a Paynes Gray and white mix with a teeny dab of Sap green and applied it to the background of Feed the Hungry. I left a loop white for the halo. Last time I counted, I'd squeezed in ten puppies for this saintly dog to nurse. She was actually nursing eight and she barely weighed twelve pounds herself.
Tomorrow I'll bounce to painting the black dog in Thirsty. In theory, same colors so it should move along fairly quickly.

I found the kind of Georgia red clay in clumps and clods I wanted for Bury on a building site. I took some photos and will try the shapes out in a sketch. I'm still uncertain about the overall background color. Maybe a variation of the green lawn so ubiquitous in cemeteries.  It could emphasize the rawness of the clay. But maybe a lighter value of the orange-red clay will work best. I'm going to keep my options open for now.

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