Thursday, August 12, 2010

Preparation for the next series

I'm mostly done with the principle photography for a new series, based on the Catholic's Seven Corporal Works of Mercy.  Some compositions  are built from four different source photos. Asking for trouble, I know.

I did small  preparatory sketches that put together the different elements, just to get a feel for it. Taped some newsprint sketchbook paper together to make it 24x30" surface, then drew two of the most difficult compositions to scale. Eventually I did six. Here's photo of the first five drawings taped up-

This morning I finished the third drawing on canvas, so it's time to tape the edges of the canvas and mix some paint. I love this moment at the top of the project roller coaster, just before the drop off and race around the loop de loops and sharp turns begin at breath taking speed. Before the first mark on the canvas and everything is still possible, my vision is pure and clear, without compromises required by technical limitations.

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