Thursday, February 24, 2011

because you have to start somewhere

Started a new painting, working title Sanctuary. Mixed colors this morning, and put paint to canvas this afternoon.  It's small -  16x20"- and intense. No big fields of color anywhere, more like painting a mosaic. And not a face in sight (I don't count the two saints in paintings on either side of the dais, and God on a throne in a oval painting in the center). It will be a welcome distraction from the portraits.
Here's the initial drawing on toned and gridded canvas. My reference is a photo I took in Vienna.  That's our auxiliary puppy Maddy wandering through the studio.
Roughed in the marble floor, left side mahagony seat, corner bit of red carpet, and steps up to the dais.
To come - marble columns, carved wooden columns, marble walls, three paintings within the painting, a chandelier, gilded frames and moldings and an oriental runner.

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