Monday, February 21, 2011

Portrait of the artist

Here's the start of the triple self portrait. The mirror image - taken from a photo of me 40 years ago - is far from done, especially the hair and no background at all as yet. That's a little bunch of flowers made of fabric pinned to the sweater. I look forward to doing the detail on that.
I'll do the portrait on the right from a photo of me taken last week. I painted the linen canvas, because I'll leave it partly unfinished.
I worked on the coat today. Red, pinks and oranges in a sort of scumbled abstract, with cabbage roses.
Haven't decided about the background. Instead of a generic dark, I'm thinking it might be a mid value of burnt sienna with some sap green mixed in. Or I might go with ultramarine blue grayed down with cad orange

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