Thursday, March 3, 2011

Face In the Mirror

After a little time off (painting the church interior), I returned to the triple self portrait.
By the end of the morning, the image in the mirror is closer. Much to do on the hair and knit top, but I know I can get there from here. Here's a close up -
The wet paint is reflecting light, but you get the idea. I added a layer of detail to the mirror frame and the central figure's hair. Put another layer of paint over the background.
I'll work on the pattern of roses on the coat this afternoon. Next up will be painting the sixty year old face on the canvas. I may try painting directly, without more of an under drawing than a few guiding chalk marks. It may be looser than the mirror image. Still thinking about it.


  1. This promises to be a fantastic portrait, Virginia. It's very original and i can't wait to see where you go with it...

  2. It's driving me crazy, and half the time I feel like a terrier digging after a bone that might not be there, but I sure am learning a lot.


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