Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To Chandelier or Not to Chandelier

Finished the first layer of the two big paintings on either side and the painting over the throne in the center. Two of the figures on the left hand side are angels (the halos gave them away- their wings are very faint and almost translucent) The rest are shepherds with a distinctly Greek look. The center image in the oval frame depicts Christ crowned, with God overhead looking down from a cloud.
Now I have to decide whether to include the crystals of a chandelier that dips into the top of the painting. I know what it is, because I saw it in situ, but will the viewer who comes to the painting cold know? Do they need to know? I like it, especially like the way it's just a glimmer that's off center at the top.

I was the source of general hilarity yesterday, when I explained to some friends that I'm doing this painting as a break from the rigors of portrait painting. But it's the truth.

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