Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Born a bubble off of plumb, off-kilter perspective works for me

Current incarnation of the second Sgian Dubh. I got rid of the fussy background and am much happier with it. Still need to darken up the handle a bit, and add some more glisten to the tomato.

Back to the harmonium, fiddled with the placement of the tile, and where I want the reflected candlelight. The perspective is definitely wonky, but I've decided that the slightly off kilter-ness suits me. I'm thinking of it as a happy accident.

Did a bit more on the Divided canvas. I won't be putting climbing pitons on the wall - they would be invisible at this scale. Might lean Emily's banjo on the wall. Jury is still out on this one.

Finished a drawing yesterday of a new candle set up, not shown here. It's horizontal, half in shadow and half candle lit in front of a scrolling bit of marble and half obscured cherub. I'm going to add a woman's torso seen from behind to the left side of the canvas, not unlike the male in Gripland, but more shadowy. Heh.

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