Friday, October 14, 2011

Patterns and texture

Worked on Harmonium again: the marble veining at the top, and the patterns in the tile below. I'll be adding texture for ages. Glad I've got four paintings in rotation (not counting two small tomatoes.)
 Stiletto about finished. The photo is lacking some of my favorite details. For example, on each candle is a wisp of a black wick with a red spark on the tip. The flames are a curve of blue, then pale yellow punched up with flake white. They are flickering because when someone kicked her shoes off and ran, she created a draft.

Got my son to leave me a bit of climbing equipment he calls a quickdraw - it looks like two carabiners linked by a little flat bit of a strap. I plan to hang it off one of the candelabra arms in Twirly.

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