Thursday, March 1, 2012

Aphrodite, Walking Dead Tomatoes, drawing

One of those overlapping times in the studio when I'm starting a new series, still doing photography for the last one and fiddling with tomatoes and & knives on the side. A full rich life.

Added the lettering to the page of script, darkened the shadow. Starting to add a little of the juicy gleam and pick out the edges of the seeds.

Here's the current state of Aphrodite after adding lots of purple to the shadows on the torso. It's still more distinct that I have in mind. I'll think about it while I work on the letters carved on the stone wall and add heft to the candelabra.


The new series is all on horizontal.  Though it barely reads in a photo, for example can't see the dozens of trees I drew on the right side, here's that drawing I was working on Tuesday.

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