Friday, March 23, 2012

Time's a wastin'

Harmonium's last day on the easel.

One minute I'm chugging along in the studio at a measured pace, one eye on finishing up the series for  my next Mason Murer group show, the other on a new triptych that's in the drawing stages, and Wham.
First an email pops up about a Mid-summers Nights Dream Show in June (small works, under $2000, one night only) Sure, count me in.
Followed by a letter accepting two of my paintings - Clothe the Naked and Thirsty - for the Decatur Arts Festival fine art show. Yippee.
This morning I confirmed the date of the show at Mason Murer, which I had a hazy idea was scheduled for end of April, beginning of May....nope. My paintings are due on April 10th for an April 13 opening.  I'm sending three ( maybe four) Answered Prayers) and three (maybe four) of the Tomato & Knives paintings.
Yikes! I lunged across my desk to the easel, where I have been moving paint to canvas ever since.  I don't expect to surface from the studio until April 9th. Nothing beats a deadline.

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