Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Come one, come all

I took the last painting in to Mason Murer yesterday for my debut show March 26, this Friday. It's a group show and the space is vast. There was some amazing work there, leaning against the walls.

I was very impressed by Thomas Boone, His work for the show is so different - dark with gouged out melons on the tops of crumbling, carved plinths with a bird or squirrel so fully realized they seem to have a pulse. Just remarkable.

Karen Hollingsworth, who I've long admired and who used to be a Twinhouse with me has wonderful serene work people are lining up for. Her paintings are on all the advertising.

Then there is James Way. His work is on a monumental scale and just glows. I find it very spiritual.

Okay, I'm either going to be in two corridors at right angles to each other (main entrance and to the left of the main door) or in a room at the far right.

I have gone back and forth - not that it matters, because I don't have the final say - room or entry? Room or entry? The rooms feels more important, but more isolated. The entry and left hand corridor is immediate, thick of the action, first thing you see, but lacks cohesion.

What to do? Why, leave it to the gallery owner and be grateful he has experience and a wonderful eye.

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  1. Mason Murer Fine ArtMarch 25, 2010 at 10:52 AM

    Virginia -- it looks amazing. Your in the room, it is beautiful and feels so wonderful to be in.


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