Thursday, March 18, 2010

harvet+time & Seasonal

Here's the bigger version of Seasonal - The snow has had a couple of passes, the strawberries just one which is why the fruit looks stuck on. The grapes aren't even started yet. Much shadowing and building of snow around the edges to come. I may back away from the current high key color.

Here's the progress on harvest+time. Still working on placing the leaves. Added the clock face and did another layer of the white background. I expect it will take at least three, maybe four layers to get it the luminous featureless glow I'm after. There's a leaf of kale that may be added to the front left of the basket. I keep thinking I want to add one more element. I have a scythe but it's much too big - throws the scale way off. Maybe a small sickle.

I couldn't varnish yesterday, due to cold rain, but it's gorgeous today and all three paintings that are going to the March 26 show are varnished.

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  1. Or a harvesting knife?

    The site says it's for grapes but I use one like it for vegetables.


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