Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Out of Season

Painting snow while it's snowing is something I never, ever expected to do, but it's snowing again here in Atlanta. Big fluffy flakes, just beautiful.

Here's the start of Out of Season. I took the photo during another rare snow last month. There are strawberries and grapes from Chile in the foreground. I haven't blocked in the fruit yet, just the pattern of the snow. It's still pretty high key (saturated color, less neutral). I may soften that.
What I really like is the pattern of the snow on top of construction truck tire tracks.

As long as I had the colors out, I worked on the original study for seasonal -
I added the grape stem, heightened the snow shadows. I added the leaves to the strawberries, another layer of scumbled color, clinging bits of snow and suggestions of seeds. The leaves need several more layers before the color deepens enough, but I do like this. I wonder if I can put it in the March show? If I do, it will probably be the smallest painting they've ever hung.

It's been a good day. Time to wash my brushes, maybe do a little reading by the fire.

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