Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The El Cap Swing in Yosemite

Back in front of the easel. Worked on El Cap Swing, which I started in last May (yep, a year ago) only to grind to halt as something wasn't right. Finally decided to pop the canvas off the stretcher bars and re-stretch, making the composition tighter. It took a while to recover from that.
Yesterday I took on the rock formation on the right hand side of the canvas, El Capitan itself, and today I tackled the valley floor and most of the pine trees. Tomorrow I'm working on the Cathedral Spires in the background.
I realized after a mere three days out of town and away from paint and the feel of a brush in my hand, I have a serious painting Jones. No surprise to you guys, huh?

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  1. Virginia - I just love that you're jonesing for a brush. And to think, 10 years ago you didn't even know you could paint. Makes me wonder what kind of incredible talent God has hiding in the rest of us...
    So happy for you on all counts, my friend.


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