Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One tomato, two tomato, three tomato, four.

Started the commissioned Tomato & Kramer Knife today. Worked on the wood background, the cobalt ellipses of the plate and the knife handle.
Into the drying box it goes. I've put the tomatoes on the aqua plate on hold. Thinking about changing the background.

I have another - Tomato & Carpenter Knife - on a blue willow plate, and Tomato & Vampire Diaries Knife - with the delicious flaming skull mat knife - on standby. This afternoon I'll stain two more canvases with a thin coat of burnt sienna, hoping to grid and draw them tomorrow. No way they'll be finished before I leave for London, but it's nice to have things in progress.

I've come up with a title for the series of portrait based paintings - Hardwired.
The common thread of those works is how they look at the push-pull of environment and heredity, the combination of chromosomes and circumstance. Though I am a fan of free will, I suspect that destiny is just another name for DNA.

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