Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Realism show opened last night at Mason Murer Fine Art

Thanks for the good wishes, y'all.
I went early and got to meander around and really look at all the other work. I was moved and inspired by my fellow artists.
I'm always surprised by who turns up and this show was no exception. I saw people from all corners of my world - coffee and bookclub, painting class, church and family. I met a couple of Facebook friends for the first time, and even some of the film techs made it out (they are usually still working on a Friday night, but I got lucky)
My three pieces in the show were spread out, so I didn't have to stand in one spot. The tomato painting was on an easel a the reception desk, and Death Takes A Holiday was on the wall next to the bar so I can safely say everyone saw it. The other piece selected was one of my very first, Cafe Ricci. I found the cafe across the Arno, in a shaded square on one of my first trips to Florence. Love the fig pie and the Raphael postcard of la fornarina. That's hot chocolate in the cup, by the way.

Stumbled home went to bed. Nothing to do now but paint, draw and go to London in two weeks.

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