Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More painting, less fussing

Back on the horse that threw me yesterday.
Started with the angel- it's a metal garden ornament that's also painted. I'm fairly happy with it. Please ignore the leaves. They aren't done yet.

Added detail to a few of the dratted leaves along the top edge, but moved on to the twine before I started chewing the ends of my hair in frustration. It's a funny color, not the usual tan of jute. It's dyed green to supposedly blend in, but of course it's a shade not found in nature. The top is faded by exposure to sun.

Just finished working on the front glove. Quite pleased with it.
I think I'll do the other glove, then a few more leaves that are down in the moss.

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  1. Hi Virginia -- I love your blog...you are doing such nice work! The detailed photos are great.. I just started a blog last week -- trying to get into the modern world, here!


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