Monday, February 22, 2010

Paradise Found, not without some cussing.


Covered in paint, which is not usual, mostly variations on green. Did the half-visible printing on the seed packets. Painted the (insert curses here) leaves down the right hand side. They look ghastly close too, not so back from, say, eight feet away. What was I thinking? Don't know how to go forward, can't go back. Must do another round on the gloves and angel yard ornament, but I am too horrified at the state of the leaves to get any closer. I have stalled out at this point.
Just realized that what I need is a pair of blinders, like racing horses wear to keep from freaking out at what's in their peripheral vision.


  1. This one seems special, Virginia. It's creepy -- in a good way!

  2. What, in your opinion, is wrong with the leaves? I can't tell from the image on my monitor, of course, but they look fine to me.

  3. SJCT,
    Some of the leaves are lacking translucency and enough variation of texture. Sure enough, it doesn't show up on the photo or on the monitor, but the painting is 30x40" and some of those leaves are as big as my hand. I haven't given up on getting there (or at least within shouting distance). Thanks for asking.


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