Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Sweetness, and the tribulations of white.

Painted the silver sugar bowl this morning. The cool thing about silver is you don't paint the color silver, you paint what it reflects, so there's a swath of mahogany, a corner of sugar cane and lots of highlights. One of my favorite places is the curve of the base, which reflects the bottom of the bowl.

White, the most essential color, is a beast. Doesn't cover well, needs multiple layers, takes forever to dry. Robert has built me a drying box which is lined in aluminum foil and has 4 UV light fixtures. The box is built, just waiting on the UV lights, which he ordered over the Internet. Won't be starting that snow painting until it's functional.

Just ate my (late) breakfast. Now going to tackle the honeycomb.


There's a world of drapery waiting, but I am going to set this aside for the rest of today.
Stripes require careful attention, concentration, and more hand-eye coordination that I have at this point.

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