Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Updates and a new title

First Equilibrium. This one is really about my opinion that the produce that sits in the supermarket warehouse and is chosen for 'shipability' is often tasteless. This morning I worked all over the top of the chest, plus the highlights on the fruit and the scale and far background. I had an 'aha' moment and am changing the title to Profit & Loss.

Next Grind. I spent yesterday mostly heightening what was there. Don't know if the background of wood grain will read over the Internet but it's about a bazillion tiny wiggly lines and their shadows. I still have the last two boards on the far right to do, and the corn silk falling over the right side of the grinder. Otherwise, it's pretty close to done.
Griding and drawing a new canvas that I gessoed this morning.
I'm working toward my first show at Mason Murer Fine Art. I've changed galleries in Atlanta. In brief, Huff Harrington and I parted amicably, and Mason Murer, whom I admire and esteem, has welcomed me with open arms. How great is that?

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