Thursday, April 19, 2012


Here's the start of Bluescreen (working title).
Tuesday I placed the trees and did the first layer of white on the umbrella.Image

This morning, I mixed about variations of green for the grassy area beneath the trees. My task was to blend the edges without blurring the shapes. I'll be building on them with grass stems. I added another layer of white to the umbrella.


The afternoon was spent adding the basis for the leafy canopy by blocking in color and blending edges. I'll be dappling in foreground leaves later. I had just enough time to add the blue screen itself. There will be a kind of mist of light around the umbrella. At this point the figures are indicated by the unpainted areas.


I am crazy happy with this one. It reminds me of working on Death Takes a Holiday, it's shaping up exactly the way I'd hoped. This is the image that triggered my interest in the whole series.

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