Saturday, April 21, 2012

Boomlift, round three

I've been thinking how like a nomadic tribe - or maybe a band of mercenaries - a film crew is. There are many small figures scattered across the canvas that will appear towards the end.
Here's my third round on Boomlift (working title).


This morning I started blocking on the trees with autumn foliage. My intention is to keep them soft but persuasively tree-esque. There are a pair of large trees in the center behind the boomlift that are purely trunks and bare branches. They go to the top of the canvas and take up about a third of the width. They look like cross between lace and calligraphy to me. They won't get added until I'm done with all the layers of sky, which may be quite a while.
This afternoon I added another layer of white to the flyswatter, truck and the houses. Placed the side of the house and the easy-up tent that shades video village, along with various shrubbery and pine straw islands.

I love posting the work accomplished at the end of the day at the start when the changes are so clear.

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