Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Home stretch

Rocked out on the last painting, the one that's my answered prayer. Decided to add my dogs - my stand-in for unconditional love - and a jar of brushes. There's a basket on the lower left that actually held candles, but it looks remarkably like a dog bed. That's where I'll place the dogs and next to it the mason jar with brushes.  It will be relatively subtle.
 One of the reasons this image is mine is the shadow that divides the space. Being a Gemini and all, and keenly aware of my dual nature, this speaks to me.
Today I'll be deepening the darks and adding the dog/jar/brushes. Maybe hanging a triangle from a candelabra arm.
No title yet, though I am considering several; among them 'Grateful Heart,' 'Ars Longa, Vita Brevis', 'Divine Intervention.'
I've got four tomato and knife paintings done and four out of five of the Answered Prayers. Showtime is April 13. That's a Friday.  I know, right? Still, lucky for some, as they say.
I have exactly seven days to have this finished, dry, varnished and wired. It's possible. Really.

Adding this from Tuesday
Made darks darker, added a layer to the rug and the stone floor and sharpened the candelabra. One more round of light on the right side wall - not there yet but closer to the value I'm aiming for.

Carefully added Moochie and Maddie - scraped the paint off and did it again on a different scale, with only one dog. Better. Then added the jar and brushes. Worked wet on wet and fast (for me).
Here's a detail of the new elements.

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