Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Edinburgh knife

Gratitude is varnished and tomorrow will be heading over to Mason Murer, the last painting delivered.
The show runs from Friday, April 13th, until Friday, June 8th. The artist reception is May 18th.

Tomato & Scottish Dirk

Still life of local tomato and grandfather's sgian dubh set up in the garden of the Macpherson's B&B in Edinburgh.

 I can't express how delightful the Macpherson's were. The dirk, freely offered, is a family treasure, and they even helped me scout the markets for big, ruddy tomatoes. The hardest part was finding a five consecutive minutes of good afternoon light in the temperamental weather. Sunshine was fickle and fleeting, but I was lucky, and more than once.

I'm loving putting the images out into the world and reading the responses. You never know who will be struck like a bell at the sight of your work. 

Turning to the next series, which is underway.  I'll start posting about it after Friday's debut.

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