Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Burning Down the House

Daughter Emily is going to Burning Man this year - her first trip. I've only seen the documentaries, but it looks like a gathering of her tribe.  I'm psyched for her.

Speaking of burning, here's the start of Fire. The first attempt is a composite of three photographs. (Note to self: books are fuel. You don't need to build a fire to burn them. For a while, it looked more like bonfire than what I envisioned.)

Started by blocking in the bounced light, a lick of flame, and two books.

This is where I left it Friday. Something didn't feel right, and I wanted a chance to think about it.

Today I added an opened, charred book from a fourth photo, placing it behind the black cover textbook. and went with a different flame source. Blocked in the iron grill and started indicating coals and embers.

The coffee table book in the background is one I co-wrote for the Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta; Making of a World Class City. The dark book in the foreground is a text book from the seventies, Interpretive Journalism. Planing to put the title of an unpublished novel I wrote, Grace and Favor, on the open paperback on the right. Thinking up titles for the top of the page of the open book with burnt page edges - Dante's Inferno or maybe Gone with the Wind? Nah, too obvious. Lives of the Saints appeals to me.

Saving the Atlanta skyline photo on the cover of the big background book for last - that will be a treat. Having a ridiculous amount of fun with this.

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