Saturday, August 25, 2012

Discovered in the Attic

Putting together elements for a Led Zep themed still life. Might do a companion piece with elements from  that era in my life. A sort of visual Proust's tea-dipped madeleine.

This morning I went up to the attic and poked around, looking for a box of my old journals, to see if I'd written anything down about working on the Led Zeppelin movie. Buried in a box marked Tax Records 1980 my husband found this -

Attached Image: IMG_6534.JPG

One of the reasons I've been reticent about my small part in the movie, outside of family and a few friends, is that I always supposed I had no proof. Only my word and my face. I actually joked to a friend saying, 'It's not like I have a pay stub.' Well, as it turns out, I do.

The box marked 1980 actually has all my old records from the years I worked abroad. My husband brought it down, not to look for anything connected with this, but because I nag him to get rid of old tax records that are not needed. He has now won the argument about tossing stuff without going through it.

This is just blowing my mind.

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